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Towards a Bright Future


Saudi Arabian Railways (SAR) owns and operates the North Train Railway Network. Esitablished  in 2006, SAR now facilitates the operation of the railway industry and advances  the goal of building a sustainable passenger and cargo transport system.

With  a focus on efficiency and growth, SAR brings a fresh perspective to the development of important infrastructure in the Kingdom. SAR's goal is to continuously improve the railway industry and reach new heights of success.

The brief

Saudi Arabian Railways (SAR) is a leading provider of railway services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Despite its significance in the industry, SAR is often under-recognized by the general public.


To increase awareness of SAR's capabilities, the company recently opened the Qurayyat Station on March 31, 2022, which serves as the final stop on its North train line. This route connects passengers to key destinations such as Qurayyat, Jauf, Hail, Qassim, Majmaah, and Riyadh through high-speed train travel.


XELEMENT was tasked with promoting the Qurayyat Station and its unique offerings,including its in-demand car carrier cargo service. Through a comprehensive informative campaign, the goal was to increase understanding and consideration for SAR's new line.

excelling the brief

Recognizing the power of digital media, XELEMENT proposed a strategic digital teaser campaign on social media to build excitement and curiosity. The big reveal showcased the Qurayyat Station in full operation, using the hashtag #The_North_Is_Closer to emphasize its accessibility.

XELEMENT also highlighted SAR's innovative car carrier cargo service, a new offering for the region.

the result

- A growth in booking and passenger numbers

- An increase in website traffic