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Al Hilal FC

Al Hilal FC

Al Hilal FC

Al Hilal FC



Based out of Riyadh, AlHilal Saudi Football Club is the most decorated football club in Asia and one of the biggest fanbases in the Arab, Africa, and Asian regions.

The brief

AlHilal aims to expand its presence and fanbase even further around the globe. XELEMENT was selected to be the official Creative Partner (a first of its kind partnership in the club’s history) and seller of media assets. The partnership tasked XELEMENT with launching different initiatives and campaigns that connected with the existing fanbase and grow the fanbase even more.

excelling the brief

XELEMENT launched many different initiatives and campaigns not limited to  

(1) An emotional campaign launched across the club’s social media and communication channels, empowering fans to make financial contributions to the club and  

(2) A fun campaign interacting with AlHilal fans and gamers alike to participate, compete, and watch AlHilal football players compete with gamers.

the result

XELEMENT played a major role in increasing fanbase and corporate engagement with AlHilal during their successful year through strategy development, major campaigns, tactical campaigns, creative services, branding, stationery design, and activations – directing the club in a new and stronger direction for the future.