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TV Nostalgia Nationwide


The Saudi Broadcasting Authority has all the official Saudi channels under it. Whether it’s TV or radio, they have a strong impact on the nation as they are the frontiers of local media.

SBA seeks a unique and versatile way of communication along with a strategy that matches their different channels.

Through pushing boundaries and with powerful insights, XELEMENT delivered many campaigns that will forever resonate with the Saudi public.

The brief

For decades, TV in Saudi has been overruled by a few selected channels, while Saudi TV was incredibly static. Aligned with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, SBA wanted to launch a new entertainment Saudi channel called “SBC” to revamp the image of Saudi TV. We wanted a massive 360° marketing campaign based on three phases: teaser, revealer, and a full schedule of shows to be aired.

excelling the brief

This campaign changed the nation’s perception on Saudi media through deep-seated insights that show the changing dynamics of Saudi media today. This was done by using the word “Ghasb” which means by force. This term is what the masses called Saudi TV as that was the only option available for all to see, therefore giving it the term 'being forced' to watch. The term Ghasb created a hook to grasp everyone's attention and became the main source of turning the perception of Saudi TV from being forced to watch it to being forced to love it.

the result

Ghasb was the single largest TV campaign in the GCC region over the last few decades.

Brand interest and awareness in the region grew by 482.4%.

During the beginning of Ramadan, user interest reached a staggering 7600%.

The channel became the second most watched channel since its launch.